GB Cave

Cheddar Caving Club GB Cave: Sunday 20th June

An example of what gets organised as a “spur of the moment, what are you doing at the weekend?” trip. Cavers comprised Ken Passant, Mel Lloyd, Andy Sparrow and Chris Binding. “Right, we're all here; let's go…”. We took the “easy” route in, via the two short climbs into the Gorge before progressing down and over the Bridge up towards White Passage; following the right hand side up the “hill” Andy showed Ken and I a steep (and muddy at the top) slope, requiring rope for reassurance, leading up towards a fine 60' free hanging abseil back into the Gorge (which we didn't do for lack of kit, and chutzpah). On, then, to the link and taking a nose down Bertie's Pot (somewhere I'd not been before and somewhere to which I may not return either). Down the little gully and up to the landing to have a breather, take a photo or two and admire the view and the scale of the chasm (Dave'm) before us. Up and on “A little less conversation, a little more action” towards the bottom of the cave doing the little rope-assisted climb nearby the ladder dig extension. Kenneth performed a flame/candle test and discovered that it burnt a little less brightly near the muddy squalor at the pitiful end of the stream passage but was OK further up towards the 40' waterfall. Clambered up the waterfall without much ado. Have another quick breather and a natter before exiting the cave via the way we'd come in. A lovely day on the surface greeted our return and we didn't find any spiders on the walk back because Mel doesn't like them very much, do you?

The previous day, Saturday, had been Mel's birthday and she gainfully did the “Full Swildon's” by descending the pitch, going through sump 1 and visiting the landing and sump 2 before returning.

Mel in the crawl.

Mel and Ken pose for lighting/photo experient.

Time for a breather and a view.

Andy angel-winging.

Outside afterwards

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