GB Cavern - Wed 2 Feb 2022

Ken Passant, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Richard Nurse, Will Puddy

All met up at the gateway to the Gruffy field at 19:30, for the record you can park 5 cars without blocking the gate or 8/9 blocking it, there is also a large lay-by 20 meters up the road.

Rattled down through the squeeze and mud passage to emerge into the always impressive Gorge. From here we went around the corner and crossed the bridge to follow the Gallery to the entrance of White Passage with its spectacular views across Main Chamber. Following the Loop via Rift Chamber we took a detour in the Hall to look over the waterfall and the recent collapse before continuing down the Oxbow to emerge back in the stream way just below the collapse, walked up to the safety tape to have a look, a lot of material has come down but is getting cleared away by the stream.

Rigged the ladder then got going on the squeezes until we were stopped by a duck in a tight squeeze, can’t remember this from previous trips, maybe I’m just a fair weather caver? A bit of bailing ensued then Peter, Will and Rich went through with Will doing the exposed climb up into Great Chamber before all returning to the bottom of the ladder. From here we retraced our inbound route at a fair pace realising how much height we needed to regain! Despite our best efforts got back to the cars at 10:45 so a debrief was not possible.

— Lawrence

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