Sludge Pit - Wed 23 Feb 2022

David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Seán Tidey, Will Puddy

Parked at the Wessex then made our way across the fields to the impressively ingenious cave gate. Once inside we put our £1s in the bucket before descending the ladder. From here we followed Fault Passage and Main Rift all the way to the sump (where Sean had a swim!).

Retracing our steps we took a tight upward squeeze in the roof to follow Aragonite rift all the way to Strike Chamber. Here we definitely didn’t loose our way but chose to explore numerous digs, squeezes and dead ends before discovering the bottom of the ladder!

A very pleasant debrief was enjoyed by all at the Hunters after a great trip with a brilliant mix of laughs and sporting caving, thanks to all.

— Lawrence

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