Bath Swallet to Rod’s Pot Through Trip - Wed 2 Mar 2022

David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Paul James, Richard Nurse, Will Puddy

After consulting the guide book we decided that an 18m rope was close enough to the recommended 20m one. The entrance was fairly unpleasant with the usual washed in decaying vegetation nearly filling the squeeze. However a pleasant surprise was how little water was going down Shower Pot. The rope turned out to be nearly long enough leaving an easy climb down to the halfway ledge where we pulled through and rigged a short lower to the bottom in the impressive Main Passage.

After a quick look at the start of the eastern extensions we turned west down Diggers Shaft and through Buddha squeeze and a few low crawls to the bottom of Purple Pot. Most of us where thankful for the fixed line to climb, however Rich performed some impressive gymnastics to free climb it.

Soon after Main Chamber in Rod’s was reached. After a quick visit to the Bear Pit we made our way up to the Blind Pots. This is where we had stacked all the digging rubbish a few weeks ago. Making a number of human chains we got all of the empty sacks to the surface and much to my surprise the large, heavy and unwieldy conveyor belt was also wrangled out. Success, Rods has now been officially tidied!

A pleasant debrief was held at the ever obliging Woodborough

— Lawrence

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