Pierre's Pot - Wed 16 Mar 2022

David Cooke, Ian Tiley, Lawrence Wilson, Richard Nurse
Non-members: Tim Gouge, Jett

Met 19:30 in a soggy Burrington Coombe and walked to the entrance. Various routes where taken to the top of the original squeeze and after a bit of hunting around the bypass was located. Well it’s not much bigger but at least it’s not vertical. Sadly after spirited efforts Ian and Jett couldn’t get through despite Cookie’s help. By all accounts the 2 of them had a good evening exploring the many routes around the upper series.

Shortly after the bypass squeeze are 2 more before the stream is reached, it’s very impressive, comparable in size to the Swildons stream. After a short grovel downstream to look at the sump and dig site we made our way upstream through a seemingly never ending series of squeezes and climbs to finally arrive at the stunningly beautiful and intact Hanging Gardens it was here that Cookie rejoined us.

The return was quicker with the squeezes not being so intimidating, the benefit of now knowing the way and that we would fit. The whole team met up again above the bypass, exited the cave and got back to the cars at 22:30

A much tougher trip than I was expecting, so apologies, however amazed to find all of that in Burrington, a real gem of a trip so thanks to all.

— Lawrence

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