Cuckoo Cleeves - Wed 6 Apr 2022

Andy Sparrow, David Cooke, Ian Tiley, Lawrence Wilson, Richard Nurse, Will Puddy
Potential new member: James Howarth

Met on the side of the road in wind and rain, got changed and walked across to the entrance, after rigging a ladder we all went down the concrete tube into the warmth of the cave.

A steeply descending rift, then a climb up found us in the surprisingly pretty upper grottoes before making our way back to the impressively trenched Canyon. A roomy stream passage got us down to Frome Dig where Cookie , Will, Rich and James continued to Mark 1 Dig before ascending to Puke Rift. Despite valiant efforts Lake Passage proved too tight so all rejoined we made our way back the way we had come all the way to the surface admiring many fossils on the way.

Nice pint in the Hunters afterwards

— Lawrence

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