Rose Cottage Cave - Wed 13 Apr 2022

Andy Sparrow, David Cooke, Ian Tiley, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Will Puddy
Non members: Ian “Burt” Burton, Jett, James Howarth, Rachel Sparrow, Tim Gouge

All parked at the Belfry and made our way over to the twin entrances, a bit of water was going down the smaller shaft so we all went for the bigger, dry pipe entrance.

The hilarity started petty much straight away with bodies in every passage and exploring all possible routes. By a process of elimination we found our way to the very drippy but well decorated Aglarond 1 then through a squeeze into Aglarond 2. Some continued through an even tighter squeeze into Aglarond 3. On the way out numerous different ways where explored with some going for a swim on the way to the wet smaller shaft exit.

A cracking little cave with lots of sporting moves and squeezes with some fine decorations. A real laugh with so many people down the cave at the same time.

— Lawrence

Last modified: 29 Oct 2022 17:46