GB Cavern - Wed 1 Jun 2022

Andrew Chamberlain, Neil Rigiani, Paul James, Peter Sanders. Non-members: Carol Rees (Ladder Dig team)
Andy Sparrow, Lawrence Wilson, Yvette Jordan. Non-members: Adam, Harvey

Parked all 8 cars in the gateway in beautiful evening sunshine and sorted ourselves into two groups. Rachel walked over to the entrance with us and conducted some useful stick and flick maintenance.

Rattled our way down the entrance through the squeeze and Mud Passage to arrive at the top of the Gorge, various “oos and aaghs” at the scale of the place, across the bridge where we could see the first group across Main Chamber at the Hall. Up into White Passage admiring the formations all the time. From here we followed the Loop and Oxbow(where we were joined by Andy C.) to Main Chamber, here we had a look at the ladder, flood debris and the collapse before making our way back up the oxbow to the Hall, then followed the left hand wall all the way back to the Gorge then exited.

The blockhouse had 5 long eared brown bats in it waiting to go outside. Walked back to the cars accompanied by a wonderful sunset.

Debrief at the Woodborough, to our surprise the ladder dig team ran in at last orders having had a great trip to Great Chamber via the upward squeeze rather than the bold step (a bit jealous).

— Lawrence

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