Waterwheel Swallet - Wed 8 Jun 2022

Andy Sparrow, David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Richard Nurse, Yvette Jordan
Non-member: Adam

A brilliant, fun trip to the bottom of the cave including a swim in the lake, not much to add to Peters excellent trip report from a few weeks ago other than spotting some unusual stalactites that seemed to have formed very quickly in a mortared up area. Presumably in the same way they form in railway tunnels or in the buttresses of the Clifton suspension bridge, does anyone know the chemistry other than “it’s something to do with the lime in the cement”?

Much hilarity at the end of the trip when just after we slammed the cave lid Cookie realised he had left his keys inside, including the key to unlock the lid! Fortunately after some phone calls and searching it turned out that Andy had a key on him all along, alls well that ends well.

A pleasant debrief at the Riverside was enjoyed by all.

— Lawrence

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