Razoi Swallet - Wed 15 Jun 2022

Andy & Rachel Sparrow, Chris Castle, Danny Burnett, David Cooke, Ken Passant, Lawrence Wilson, Neil Rigiani, Peter Sanders, Richard Nurse, Seán Tidey
Ian Burton, Nicky Dennis, Faye Litherland, Carol Rees, other partners and former members.

All met up at 19:30 at the bottom of the Gorge, fantastic weather, worries about dehydration. Due to the narrowness of the rift entered in small groups. Just inside the entrance is a small, poorly decorated chamber. From here a tricky move to the right leads to a 1 meter wide steeply ascending rift, all managed to get up it without a hand line however probably should have used one for the descent later? The top of the rift opens up briefly before a restriction and then the stunningly well decorated main chamber, it’s about 10m by 10m and 2m high, interesting decorations on all of the walls and across the floor including a pool with fish in! All hot and thirsty, thankfully Andy had brought several bottles of liquid. A small chamber off of the main chamber was visited by everyone in ones and twos, due to the flushing sound the water made we christened it the WC. After all had visited “the Counter” we exited via our inward route at 22:30.

A great trip with lots of banter, good to see so many members, former members and partners. Thanks to Andy for organising and Happy Birthday

— Lawrence

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