Eastwater Cavern, Upper Series - Wed 29 Jun 2022

David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson

After some very heavy rain, negotiated flooded roads to meet up at the Wessex, after changing dropped our pounds in at the farm and had a brief chat with the owners who wished us a good trip. On the walk to the cave noted that all of the fence posts had half a dozen or so snails on top, my theory was that they where moving to higher ground to avoid the flood, Cookie thought they where going to do some BASE jumping?

Thankfully the entrance was dry, we then had a really good poke around the top bits of the cave enjoying the Woggle Press, Boulder chamber, Bakers Chimney, Upper traverse etc…

Good to have the time for exploring, there is a lot of cave in the upper series, I suspect I still haven’t seen the half of it.

Exited into sunshine before adjourning to the Hunter’s.

— Lawrence

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