Coral Cave - Wed 27 Jul 2022

Andy Sparrow, Lawrence Wilson, Richard Nurse, Seán Tidey, Will Puddy, Yvette Jordan

Parked in lay-by on the outskirts of Cross and got kitted up quickly. Walked up Bourton Lane then turned left at the top through a couple of fields with lovely views across the levels. Thankfully Andy remembered where the entrance was as it was very well camouflaged by a couple of years leaf litter (popular cave this one!) somewhat worryingly the gate wasn’t locked even though the padlock was present and working.

Andy tied into the two p-bolts on the surface and descended, rigging as he went. Once through the narrow gate the cave opens out immediately into the roof of the main chamber. 15 foot down a slopping ledge is reached which gives a good vantage point down as well as the impressive collection of cave spiders above.

A short traverse leads to more p-bolts at the head of the longer pitch to the floor.

Once we where all down we went off exploring through the short but very large cave ending up at the top of a very muddy slope where Sean had a look in the dig. Above us was an Aven blocked with large boulders, Andy commented that one bang and you could have black space above you, or possibly sky depending on the orientation!

Back at the rope we started ascending, me faffing around as usual at the rebelay, however didn’t freeze or cry so I’m getting better. Finally got back through the spider zone to the surface in twilight.

A short SRT cave that is well worth a visit, if for nothing else than to have a look at the Victorian rubbish dumped down the entrance.

We enjoyed a pleasant debrief outside the White Hart, Cross.

— Lawrence

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