Longwood Swallet - Wed 24 Aug 2022

Peter Sanders, David Cooke, Richard Nurse, Lawrence Wilson

Having met at the top car park at 19:30 we walked to the entrance and after battling with the padlock descended the tight entrance series and squeeze to finally stand up at the base of the ladder, turning right into August Hole we negotiated the awkward Wet Chimney and flat out Drainpipe before arriving at the top of Swing Pitch.

Rigged using the 1 bolt (why only 1?) and natural before descending into Fault Chamber and climbing down into the stream way. To our surprise this was flowing well despite the dry conditions.

We followed the stream down via wonderful grottoes, waterfalls, traverses and crawls before turning around at the flat out section after the Oxbows.

We returned via our descent route which turned out to be a long way up hill to emerge just before 23:00

An amazing trip that reminded me why this is my favourite cave, challenging, long and beautiful! (Just like me!)

— Lawrence Wilson 11/04/2024

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