Hunter's Hole - Thu 6 Oct 2022

Andy Sparrow, Lawrence Wilson, Rachel Sparrow, Richard Nurse, Seán Tidey, Will Puddy, Yvette Jordan

We met at 7:30 in the dark corner of the Hunters carpark. After getting changed there was the normal phaffing and struggling as we all tried to get into our srt kits.

Seán led the way down the start of the shaft, rigging as he went with Will in second position and everyone else following in a long line. We took two ropes with us (60m & 50m) so we could rig multiple routes for a bit of variety and not get stuck in the long, slow line that can happen on srt trips.

Seán rigged down to the main ledge and then headed out towards the right-hand route but decided only one of the two rebalys was needed (sort of going half direct route and half right-hand route) making for a fun but challenging changeover both on the way up and down. Will, Yvette and Rich followed down this route to the bottom of the cave.

Andy, after dropping 3 krabs from the top of Sago's Pot and missing Seán and Will by just a couple of meters appeared down said route on the second rope with Lawrence close behind. Once six of us had made it to the bottom and had a bit of a ganders we started making our way back up the two routes with Rachel leading. The RH route proving very tricky due to the angles, but that's all part of the fun of srt and what makes Hunters Hole such a good practice / training cave.

Will, Rich & Yvette derigged and carried the ropes out with everyone getting out of the cave at about 10pm.

After a kit and karabiner amnesty in the car park we headed to the Hunters for a pint, to plan some logistics for next week and to discuss some future club trips, including the next srt tip (info to follow).

A short but intense trip, with fun had by all. We also welcome Rachel (pending approval from the committee) back into the club.

— Seán

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