Swildon's Hole, Black Hole Trip - Wed 16 Nov 2022

Peter Hall, Peter Sanders, Will Puddy, Rich Nurse

We met at Priddy Green, changing in the barn due to minor leakage from the sky. Lawrence, Andy and Rachel dropped of a ladder and rope, before deserting us for drier, warmer climes at the Hunters.

A damp walk across to the entrance to find the stream up from Will and I previous visit.

Pete H and Will decided to head down the wet way while Peter and I choose the short dry way. Meeting in the water chamber we continued downstream and were soon rigging the 20.

Swift progress down to sump 1 where Peter decided he would stay on the upstream side to have a nosy around and take some photos.

Pete H, Will and I passed through the sump heading past Howards Dig and then on to the Approach passage. An airy step across the stream at high level to get to a fixed hand line, allowed us to pull ourselves into the passage.

A sporting muddy scramble up the approach passage, making use of the central stream carved groove in the middle of the floor for purchase, we soon arrived at the top of the 11ft drop.

The 11ft drop was an airy decent, thankfully protected with a knotted handline. We spent a few minutes getting our orientation, helped by the “Abandon Hope” script on the wall. We were soon at the top of the Junction Chamber which again had a fun fixed rope down climb into the chamber.

Crossing the chamber and a small climb up, we head off towards the Black Hole. The Black Hole was certainly that, looking out over the edge I’m not convinced we were able to see the bottom! From here we made out return, using Howard’s Dig to re-enter the stream way.

Before long we were back through sump one, and soon found Peter taking photos. Up through Barnes loop, the 20 and then a reverse of our entry route choices through the upper series.

A thoroughly enjoyable round on the downstream side of sump 1, which made for well-deserved debrief at the Hunters.

— Richard Nurse 29/11/2022

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