Honeymead Hole - Wed 22 Feb 2023

David Cooke, James Howarth, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Seán Tidey, Tim Gouge, Will Puddy

Opened the lid straight onto an 8m deep shaft with fixed ladder, following small passages down and through a tight rift we arrived at the roomy Somerville Hall where after referring to the survey we descended a sporting climb to find ourselves at the top of Keen’s Pot which we avoided via a muddy tube.

At Balcony Pot we split up, some climbing up, some climbing down before rejoining and exiting the cave via our inward route.

A fun little cave that is seldom visited but definitely worth doing along with Little Crapnell Swallet. underground for about 45 minutes, after changing in the lane we debriefed at The Hunters

— Lawrence Wilson 23/02/2023

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