Little Crapnell Swallet - Wed 22 Feb 2023

Andy Sparrow, David Cooke, James Howarth, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Seán Tidey, Tim Gouge, Will Puddy

Parking was a little more limited than hoped, thankfully we all squeezed in before the farmer came to see what we where up to, seemed a little surprised that we where caving but more than happy for us to do so. I suspect the party size limit is more to do with parking rather than the caving.

We descended the concrete entrance tube on an in situ ladder then made our way via a down climb to a squeeze on a slippery slab, Speedway, then down another climb to a moderately large chamber, Great Expectations, where we met a small, muddy and rather unpleasant stream (think Manor Farm).

Following downstream the chamber soon dwindled to a small passage before finally ending in a flat out squeeze, sadly(?) this was silted up so we turned around and exited via our inward route before walking across to Honeymead Hole. Probably spent 45 minutes underground.

— Lawrence Wilson 23/02/2023

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