Drunkard’s Hole - Wed 8 Mar 2023

David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Yvette Mayo

Arrived at the Burrington Inn at 19:30 then drove up Link Lane to park at the UBBS hut. Lots of snow on the ground with a bitting wind, got changed and trudged to the entrance with numb fingers and cold ears. Lovely to get into the warmth of the cave and warm up a bit.

We followed down the snug entrance rift for about 15m before diverting upwards to a “nondescript” chamber before continuing downwards through a tight chimney then around a sharp right hand squeeze to arrive at the top of the 10m pitch.

Thankfully there was an in situ traverse line that we followed across the top of the pitch and around a corner before stepping down and following the in situ hand line down boulders and a concreted wall to the bottom of the pitch.

First off we traversed upwards to reach the 1st and 2nd Rift Chambers where we had a look at the abandoned and very muddy ChCC dig before returning back down the traverse where I climbed down the impressive abandoned dig.

With time ticking we returned via our inward route, the 3m chimney proving somewhat trickier to go up than down.

Arrived back at the surface and straight away remembered how cold it was. A fab little cave with constant interest provided by squeezes, chimneys, climbs and traverses. Swiftly changed by 21:30 then debriefed at the Woodborough

— Lawrence Wilson 9/03/2023

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