Bath Swallet to Rod's Pot - Wed 15 Mar 2023

Lawrence Wilson, Paul James, Peter Sanders, Seán Tidey, Will Puddy, Yvette Mayo

What a difference a week makes, after last week’s freeze and snow the weather had reverted to form with rain and wind, walking to the Bath Swallet depression my heart dropped a little as I could hear the stream running, Yvette volunteered to rig the first pitch of Shower Pot which involved standing in the shower.

The first pitch was rigged efficiently and swiftly and we all descended to the halfway ledge where the rope was pulled through, re-rigged and abseiled down in record time (what an incentive cold water is!)

Finally out of the water the Eastern extensions where explored then down the Diggers Shaft where we again met a stream, quite unpleasantly we splashed our way through the squeezes to arrive at the bottom of Purple Pot, the ascender made this climb straight forward and we soon found ourselves in the Main Chamber of Rods Pot.

All being drenched we made our way straight out, arriving at the surface at 21:30 to find the rain had stopped.

As ever a great cave, I was particularly pleased how slick everyone was at rigging, abseiling, climbing and moving through the cave, a real pleasure to cave with such a good team.

A very pleasant, and somewhat extended, debrief was enjoyed at the Woodborough not quite long enough for my pants to dry out though (too much detail?)

— Lawrence Wilson 16/03/2023

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