Sludge Pit - Wed 29 Mar 2023

Andy Sparrow, David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Seán Tidey, Will Puddy, Yvette Mayo

In the midst of a biblical deluge we gathered at WCC. The rain took a break as we walked over but it’s legacy was still showering down the entrance pitch. Eventually 6 damp cavers made their way to the two ends of the dig (or what we hope are the two ends of the same dig). Cookie’s arrival allowed lowering and emptying of bags from the aven and good steady progress was made at that end.

The other team found our famously dry dig less so on this occasion and struggled to make much progress with a minimal team. At some point Peter went on a hoe hunt which evolved into a grand tour of our dig sites.

No connection but the evening ended with a bang!

Arrived Hunters not long before closing.

We think the two digs are separated by at least two vertical metres. Also that digging the aven end is much easier than the original dig.

I’ll be going back on Saturday to check the bang if anyone fancies a trip.

— Andy 30/03/2023

Cookie placed the spoil in a large heap at the foot of the aven, faced with rocks to stabilise the heap. This was preferable to putting the spoil in the stream, which will only end up in the sump.

— Cookie 16/04/2023

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