Sludge Pit - Wed 5 Apr 2023

Andy Sparrow, Lawrence Wilson, Paul James, Rich Nurse

The four of us set of with high excitement to see what the evenings exploration would bring.

We split to do different tasks, Andy and Lawrence continuing to clear the link, PJ and I to work on the unknown passage.

With the use of plug and feathers I was able to gradually widen the passage and edge my way forward before long I was able to look into the perpendicular rift in front of me.

Well, it opens out into an extended complex system of passages some with active water courses. All very interesting caving, is how Lawrence described it as he crawled towards me… yep, we’ve found another linking passage to very much know cave. Never mind!

Regardless of the minor disappointment, a good trip. The proper links floor has been cleared and a deviation installed on the link pitch.


— Richard Nurse 6/04/2023

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