Swildon's Hole - Wed 26 Apr 2023

Ian Tiley, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Will Puddy, Yvette Mayo

Arrived on the green at 19:30 and walked to the entrance in the dry, Yvette is about to do her core skills assessment day so wanted to get to know upper Swildons.

Despite normal water levels we went down the Zigzags then the Long Dry Pretty Way, Will traversed at route level almost all the way to the Old Grotto but the final climb down was sheer so had to retrace his steps.

At the top of the Twenty we climbed up the walls and noticed a couple of holes at roof level but didn’t fancy looking at them properly without a rope to get back down. Will climbed up through the squeezes to the top of the Forty on the way back.

After the Lavatory Pan Will and myself took the high level route literally over taking the rest of the group at the Ripper.

Will then exited via the tree at 21:30 thus doing a true round trip above the Water Chamber.

A very pleasant trip with no end of options to keep everyone entertained, met up with Andy S. and Sean in the Hunters after their trip down Sludge Pit

— Lawrence Wilson 26/04/2023

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