Fairy Cave to Hillier's Cave through trip - Wed 24 May 2023

David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Paul James, Peter Sanders, Seán Tidey

A gorgeous evening to visit a beautiful cave, got going at 19:45 following the route through the blast damaged upper section of the cave before getting to an unpleasant and quite full duck followed by a tight squeeze, after some meandering around we arrived in Hillier’s at the top of a short climb down.

We decided to visit the far reaches of the cave so turned right through three boulder ruckles and wonderfully decorated chambers and grottoes before reaching the fabled Red Room, aptly named due to the ochre stained formations.

Leaving here at 21:15 we hurried back out through the ruckles and the somewhat roomier passage arriving back at the surface an hour later.

An amazing cave that was somewhat tougher than I remembered from last year, maybe I’m just getting older

A quick change and drive saw us at the Hunters where we met up with Andy S, Danny and Ken who had been digging in Sludge Pit

— Lawrence Wilson 26/05/2023

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