Thrupe Lane Swallet to Hobnail Hole - Wed 14 Jun 2023

Adam Fletcher, Judi Durber, Lawrence Wilson, Paul James, Peter Sanders, Seán Tidey, Yvette Mayo

Arrived at the Hunters at 19:00 then all got into Sean’s van for the short drive to Thrupe where we got changed. This is when the issue of keys reared it’s head, unbeknownst to us the gate had recently been fitted with a CSCC lock, thankfully Andy and Rachel where in the area and picked up Chris Castle’s key for us (thanks to all) the upshot was that we didn’t get down the cave until 20:15!

I soloed down Hobnail to rig the ladder then made my way to the bottom of Perseverance Pot where the others arrived shortly afterwards after an unplanned visit to Plaster Passage. Finally we were all reunited and the rope pulled down. From here we went into Butts Chamber through the short crawl and through a boulder ruckle, sadly due to a slight navigational error the way on was through a showerbath, the whole cave was surprisingly wet considering we haven’t had any rain for four weeks.

We then followed Marble Streamway to the awesome Atlas Pot where we had a good look before returning to Butts Chamber avoiding the showerbath.

We then followed the streamway up, including a couple of flat out, aqueous crawls to the ladder at the bottom of Hobnail, all ascended without incident then up and up to finally exit the cave at 22:15.

After a quick change we went back to the Hunters for a swift pint before collecting our cars.

Despite a poor start a very enjoyable trip in a fantastic cave, we must go back and have a pop at Atlas pot

— Lawrence Wilson 20/06/2023

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