Swildon's Hole, Upper Series - Wed 12 Jul 2023

Andrew Chamberlain, Peter Sanders, Will Puddy, Yvette Mayo

We met in the usual spot to find there were just the four of us so decided to stick to the upper series and not carry any kit. The car park was busy so we let what looked like a group of scouts get ahead of us.

It was surprisingly dry in the entrance even though there had been a lot of rain in the past few days so after a dry entrance we took the zigzags to keep dry for a while longer, I noticed a cut through to miss the corner and with the usual club comments of 'it's a bit tight but you should fit through' I took the challenge and yes squeezed through with Will following behind, another new route taken. We continued down the long dry way at a social pace. A brief rest was had in the water chamber as we could hear screams of joy! where it sounded like the scouts were making their way up towards us, unexpectedly another group appeared making a quick exit ahead of the scouts.

Once everyone had passed us we continued down Peter and I sticking to the floor and Will and Andy taking mostly the top route. As we approached the Forty Foot Pot we all took the upper route and ended up above the Forty, some wriggling and squeezing later and we were all through and at the top of the Forty, 2nd new route taken for me, we climbed down the Forty [Andy: We went down the eyehole from the top of the 40 to the top of the 8ft] for a quick look at the Twenty.

Our return route was up the wet way but to avoid the Lavatory Pan Will and I took the upper route and we climbed along above Peter and Andy for as long as possible, another new route for me.

An enjoyable night, it was still light when we got out but home life commitments got in the way of a debrief.

— Yvette Mayo 2/08/2023

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