East Twin Swallet - Wed 29 Nov 2023

Andy Sparrow, Chris Castle, David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Peter Sanders, Rachel Sparrow, Seán Tidey, Will Puddy, Yvette Mayo

Ewan (prospective member)

A chilly night found us outside the Burrington Inn getting changed then car sharing up the coombe to park at the bottom of East Twin valley, a short walk and the entrance was seen to be taking a fair amount of water. The climb in was easy enough as was the climb down into the first chamber.

Following down the streamway past the many damns, railways and aerial tracks it was good to see that digging is still going on and it was a little tidier than on our last visit.

Rachel and Chris went right to the bottom to visit the sump while the rest of us turned right into Spar Pot. This is a very different cave with lots of squeezes, little climbs and an amazing number of fossils.

Sean, Cookie and Ewan made it to the bitter end before we all returned via various routes to East Twin Swallet and thence the exit all of us a lot warmer than on the way in.

A great little cave that’s quite physical but all doable (thankfully Will didn’t actually manage to get stuck in a bedding plane!)

Debriefed at the Woodborough, Ewan enjoyed his first trip, it was commented that if he liked that he will love proper caving!

— Lawrence Wilson 30/11/2023

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