Log Book 2022

Rod’s Pot. Wed 19th Jan 2022

Will, Rich, PJ, Pete S, Andy S, Lawrence

After meeting at Burrington Café we got into 2 cars and drove up to the UBSS hut to get changed.

After a slightly muddy crawl in, we made our way to the first of the pots. Thinking we would do a bit of a tidy up of the ropes hanging down the pitch we got a bit carried away, much sweat and toil later all the old digging bags at the bottom where hidden or removed along with all the other clutter including the hanging conveyor belt.

Sadly time was against us so most of the debris has been stashed above the pot awaiting another removal trip. Just enough time was left for a debrief at the Woodborough, Winscombe

- Lawrence

GB Cavern. Wed 2nd Feb 2022

Will, Rich, Ken, Peter, Lawrence

All met up at the gateway to the Gruffy field at 19:30, for the record you can park 5 cars without blocking the gate or 8/9 blocking it, there is also a large lay-by 20 meters up the road.

Rattled down through the squeeze and mud passage to emerge into the always impressive Gorge. From here we went around the corner and crossed the bridge to follow the Gallery to the entrance of White Passage with its spectacular views across Main Chamber. Following the Loop via Rift Chamber we took a detour in the Hall to look over the waterfall and the recent collapse before continuing down the Oxbow to emerge back in the stream way just below the collapse, walked up to the safety tape to have a look, a lot of material has come down but is getting cleared away by the stream.

Rigged the ladder then got going on the squeezes until we were stopped by a duck in a tight squeeze, can’t remember this from previous trips, maybe I’m just a fair weather caver? A bit of bailing ensued then Peter, Will and Rich went through with Will doing the exposed climb up into Great Chamber before all returning to the bottom of the ladder. From here we retraced our inbound route at a fair pace realising how much height we needed to regain! Despite our best efforts got back to the cars at 10:45 so a debrief was not possible.

- Lawrence

Eastwater Cavern. Wed 16th Feb 2022

Andy, Will, Rich, Sean, Peter, PJ, Danny, Emma, Lawrence

Parked on the verge in Eastwater lane at 19:30, wind, rain and brassic! Paid £1 each at the farmhouse (small Tupperware box outside back door.

Unsurprisingly the stream was running down the entrance and through the bolder ruckle giving us a refreshing shower before the exertions of the upper traverse.

Descended Bakers Chimney then a few of us went down Dolphin Chimney to have a look down the very impressive Dolphin pot before meeting up at the Crossroads and going down the S bends. Here we split again with half going out via the S bends, Canyon, Boulder Chamber and Woggle press with the rest going out via the lower traverse, Hallelujah hole and upper traverse before all meeting up for a cleansing shower back to the surface.

Record breaking change before a very pleasant debrief in the Hunters

- Lawrence

Sludge Pit. Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Peter, Cookie, Will, Sean, Lawrence

Parked at the Wessex then made our way across the fields to the impressively ingenious cave gate. Once inside we put our £1s in the bucket before descending the ladder. From here we followed Fault Passage and Main Rift all the way to the sump (where Sean had a swim!).

Retracing our steps we took a tight upward squeeze in the roof to follow Aragonite rift all the way to Strike Chamber. Here we definitely didn’t loose our way but chose to explore numerous digs, squeezes and dead ends before discovering the bottom of the ladder!

A very pleasant debrief was enjoyed by all at the Hunters after a great trip with a brilliant mix of laughs and sporting caving, thanks to all.

- Lawrence

Bath Swallet to Rod’s Pot through trip. Wed 2nd March 2022

Will Puddy, Rich Nurse, PJ, David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson

After consulting the guide book we decided that an 18m rope was close enough to the recommended 20m one. The entrance was fairly unpleasant with the usual washed in decaying vegetation nearly filling the squeeze. However a pleasant surprise was how little water was going down Shower Pot. The rope turned out to be nearly long enough leaving an easy climb down to the halfway ledge where we pulled through and rigged a short lower to the bottom in the impressive Main Passage.

After a quick look at the start of the eastern extensions we turned west down Diggers Shaft and through Buddha squeeze and a few low crawls to the bottom of Purple Pot. Most of us where thankful for the fixed line to climb, however Rich performed some impressive gymnastics to free climb it.

Soon after Main Chamber in Rod’s was reached. After a quick visit to the Bear Pit we made our way up to the Blind Pots. This is where we had stacked all the digging rubbish a few weeks ago. Making a number of human chains we got all of the empty sacks to the surface and much to my surprise the large, heavy and unwieldy conveyor belt was also wrangled out. Success, Rods has now been officially tidied!

A pleasant debrief was held at the ever obliging Woodborough

- Lawrence

Pierre’s Pot. Wed 16th March 2022

Ian Tilley, Richard Nurse, David Cooke, Lawrence Wilson, Tim Gouge, Jett (last two not club members)

Met 19:30 in a soggy Burrington Coombe and walked to the entrance. Various routes where taken to the top of the original squeeze and after a bit of hunting around the bypass was located. Well it’s not much bigger but at least it’s not vertical. Sadly after spirited efforts Ian and Jett couldn’t get through despite Cookie’s help. By all accounts the 2 of them had a good evening exploring the many routes around the upper series.

Shortly after the bypass squeeze are 2 more before the stream is reached, it’s very impressive, comparable in size to the Swildons stream. After a short grovel downstream to look at the sump and dig site we made our way upstream through a seemingly never ending series of squeezes and climbs to finally arrive at the stunningly beautiful and intact Hanging Gardens it was here that Cookie rejoined us.

The return was quicker with the squeezes not being so intimidating, the benefit of now knowing the way and that we would fit. The whole team met up again above the bypass, exited the cave and got back to the cars at 22:30

A much tougher trip than I was expecting, so apologies, however amazed to find all of that in Burrington, a real gem of a trip so thanks to all.

- Lawrence

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